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Legend of Mahabali. Historical search


Onam festival is round the corner. People from Kerala round the globe awaits the arrival of their mythical king Mahabali, to his erstwhile kingdom of prosperity and equality. Similarly during dipawali times, on the fourth day, in parts of Maharashtra, South Gujarat and Goa, people celebrate the Bali Padiyami or Bali pradipada meaning the coming…

India is 3rd in terms of GDP at PPP

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BJP leaders must stop saying publicly that India’s GDP sixth largest in the world. … India’s GDP third largest today

Mughals In India didn;t make us rich

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A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 #SadarPranam to the “Guru” within you @DalrympleWill ji on auspicious day of #Gurupoornima. I read the whole article of @iamrana & trust me there is nothing in it that justifies “Mughals made India rich”. I give my argument in string below. U may respond should u have substance. William Dalrymple ✔@DalrympleWill Brilliant piece from @RanaSafvi answering…