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India from Megasthenes Indica & Arrian account

Ancient India India

Socio-economic structure as per Megasthenes during his visit to 302-288 BC.He was a companion of Alexander of Macedon on his short-lived invasion of North Western India. His work was mostly lost and fragments were collected by Dr Schwanbeck India was in greek terminology was called by various names such as -Indus-Opiai, a race on the…

Ancient Maps

Ancient India

Various Maps on timelines

Our Vedic Scientists and Universities forgotten !

Ancient India

Father of Astronomy: Aryabhatta ; work – Aryabhattiyam Father of Astrology: Varahamihira , works; Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra Fathers of Surgery : Charaka and Sushruta , works : Samhitas Father of Anatomy: Patanjali , work: Yogasutra Father of Yoga : Patanjali , work : Yogasutra Father of Economics : Chanakya , work: Arthashshtra Father of…