Rajiv Dixit’s priceless Videos & Audios

Rajiv Dixit priceless 20 + Videos & Audios


Rajiv Dixitji dedicated his life to unravel Indian vedic sciences, Home remedies.

This page is dedicated to his contribution to the Healthy and Sound society.

The collection is from Youtube mostly. I downloaded for people at large to get benefited.


Water Therapy Simple change and discipline

Four such rules you will not fall sick again

Do you also drink tea Think again of the benefits and losses

Water Therapy Simple change and discipline

चूने के 70 स्वस्थवर्धक फायदे

बालों का टूटना ख़तम कर देगा यह घरेलु उपाय

Miraculous treatment of arthritis knee, joint pain

दही में नमक है ज़हर की तरह, जानिए उससे होने वाली बीमारियां

Solution For Thyroid Problem by Dixit

Audios on Swadeshi Chikitsa

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