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Kamasutra is a knowledge source

A thread by RapperPandit ↗️ #India4Kashmir

#MythBuster#KYD Series

Fascinating Truth of KAMASUTRA &it’s Present Version
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth?

n Stand Up! Comedy is Not Funny-Mostly Vulgar, Left-Centric, Anti-Hindu
*4 Consistencies in StandUps:-
-West is Cool, Hindu is Regressive & Fool.
-Kamasutra is compared with Porn
-S3X is Cool for Left, Perversion for Right
So Friend Time to Know our Dharma in #KYD Series

n Before IT Revolution, Most People in the West, Knew India as a Land of Snake Charmers & KamaSutra (Perceived as a S3x Manual)
Because this was, what was Shown to them Mostly
The Below Thread Will Unravel Many Essentials , We All Indians Must Know and Feel Proud of. Let’s Go!

n – The #Thread Starts with Legendary King Vikramaditya-ChandraGupta II
Vikramaditya Ruled from 5th-6th Century AD . He had 9 Original Navratnas (2 Most Known).
-Kalidasa was one of the Prolific Sanskrit Writer.
-Varahmira Great Mathematician/Astrloger (Knew Aryabhatta)

n Vatsyana Muni- was a Great Sage, a Logician & Prolific Writer on Topics of Logic&KamaShastra
-Vatsyayana Muni of Nyay Sutra Bhashya & KamaSutra r the same
-Kalidasa&Varahmihra knew him. His Writings were so impactful that Kalidasa included it in his Works & So did Varahmihra

n Basics:
“Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti”- is a Fake&Incomplete
Many make it to Sound a Secular Quote in Indian Culture. It is in Rigveda 1.164.46, when nothing except Sanatan Dharm Existed
Correct Quote Means, “Supreme Power is One, &People call that as Various Mahabhut also”

n SIX Darshans r Pillars of Sanatan Philosophy
– Darshans are the Most IMP Sutras(Formulae) by AncientRishis, & Commentaries (Bhashaya) by Competent Ones.
– Why We say “A Person Can be a Nastik, Still be a Sanatani”
Pls See the Pic in Detail- U’ll understand Why

n Both Astik&Nastik r Sanatanis &Agree to presence of SupremeForce
-आस्तिक:Our Identity is Aatma, Not Body. Vedas are Supreme
-नास्तिक:Our Identity is Body&Aatma-inside (No UniversalAtma); dont agree to Vedas as Source of UniversalKnowledge n For Aastiks, NyayaDarshan is one of the Finest as it suggests Logic&Reasoning will lead to Truth
-Bhashya (Commentary) on Sutra may be more significant than the Sutra Itself
-e.g. adiShankara did Several Bhashya
Vatsyayana Bhashya on Nyaya Darshan Sutra was Most SIGNIFICANT !

n Nyay means- Arriving at Truth thru Logic & Reasoning.
So मुझे न्याय चाहिए doesn’t mean I want Justice.
It means I want the truth, which is arrived thru Logic & Reasoning.
This Great Nyay Shastra Commentary was Done by Vatsyayana-Nyaya Sutra Bhashya n What Often Used Purusharth (पुरुषार्थ) Means?
It Simply Means: “To do what is in our Hands with ultimate Goal of Moksha” – Freedom from Cycles of Birth & Death
Purusharth is TriVarga- Dharma, Artha, Kaam
Moksha, is not in our Hands, it Cannot be a Purusharth

n Kama is not S3X, Kama is a Desire that Pushes us for Action
S3X is 1 of the many Kamas
So Consciousness => Kama <=> Artha
Both Kama&Artha to be done is Such that they Uphold Dharma
If you Follow the Dharmic Path & at Last Stage if Kama is fulfilled 100% , You Achieve Moksha

n-So Considering the Importance of Trivarga Purusharth, Lot Of Works have been created
1. Dharma- (duties) ManusSmriti/Grihasutra/Aapastamba/Vashsisht
2. Artha-(practices) ArthaShastra etc
3. Kama-(desires) KamaSastra etc n-An Act for S3X, that Creates Life, Can Never be BAD, if in accordance of Dharma
It is Just a Basic Need in गृहस्थाश्रम, &Not a GOAL Of Life, like Food& Shelter
ArtWork On Outer Walls in Ancient Temples Normalized the act as a Basic, Saving Higher Thoughts for inner गर्भगृह

n Vastyanan’s KamaSutra is Essentialty:
1. An Art of Finding a Partner
2. An Art of a Happy Married Life, so that, GrihasthAshram is enjoyable.
3 .Only One 1 of 7Chapters Dives into Explixit S3xual acts ( & Remember children dont’t Come from Thin Air) n However, the Pristine KamaSutra was rendered into a P0rn flick when passages pertaining to “Harem”, “br0thels” were added
British then added Explicit Drawings in the Text which were never present in the Original Palm Leaves

n KamaSutra under the name of Richard Francis Burton (1883) compiled form Flawed Interpretation of The Commentary of various Authors like Jayamangla, Printed from a Fake KamaShastra Society, & Included Illustrations for Marketing Purpose pertaining to Preceding Mughal Empire

n Richard Burton, Instantly 1883 edition became a rage in West & Most Pirated Books. Officialy illegal to publish in England&USA till 1962,. The Reason was Highly Orthodox Societies in West which considered expression S3xuality a Taboo & had many Acts with Strict Restrictions

n Sh Girish Karnad ji was a self confessed #UrbanNaxal
In Movie Utsav in a garb of Showing Ancient India as Liberal, he misled audience on Slavery, Casteism, Brothels. Mṛcchakatika drama, on which Utsav is based, Vatsyana Character was Nowhere in it , It was a Fake Insertion

n Literature& Movies Show Vatsyanana as a peeping Tom & a P0rn writer, than a Maharishi.
Let’s Pay Naman to Vatsyanana who not only gave us the NyaySutrya Darshan Bhashya( Logic&Reasoning) but Sutras of Art of Living Life to the Fullest, Not perversion as it was showcased.

n This Thread is dedicated to #SanataniWarrior @RohitInExile @RituRathaur @Sanjay_Dixit @ARanganathan72 @dharmadispatch @RadharamnDas
who keep Exposing the DeepRooted #HinduPhobia & Keep Enlighting the Gen Nxt thru Logic,Reasoning &True History
We are Tolerant but Not Blind! n Our #SanataniWarrior Group at @i4Kashmir , Works DayNight with निष्काम भाव to bring forth the Unknown Truths!
Due to Limitation on Twitter, I have started putting detailed articles on
I will keep updating in detail there (…)

The above #Thread thread has been posted as an article at below Link . Hope you found this thread useful.
You too are a #SanataniWarrior like us. (

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