Ibn Batuta Travel to India

A thread compilation on Ibn Batuta’s travel for myself.

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Ibn Batuta traveled Middle east-India-SriLanka-Malaysia-Indonesia-China-India-Africa-Egypt. He was a hysterical traveler. He spent 30 years away home. Phewww

He started his journey in 1325 AD and ended in 1354 AD covering ~70000 Km of land, sea, deserts
His passion is admirable to explore the world (my own dream). He was about to be father of a boy only come to know 20 years later that he died 12 yrs ago
 https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ibn-Battuta …

First thing he noticed that two courier system existed : horse rider and foot walker.
The DAK used to reach to King in 5 days as against normal time of 40 days.

He noted that Indian widow feel pride in burning herself on pyre of her husband.
It was never forced upon them. She could spend her life as a widow.
#Sati was mistaken for Widow burning. It was love and attachment of wife for husband.

Hindus had power of giving away their life by drowning to achieve Moksha.
On arrival in Delhi, he noticed 4 FORTS.
1. Proper Old Delhi captured from INFIDELS in 1188
2. Siri Fort
3. Tughlakabad Fort
4. Jahapanah (Ray Pithora Fort)
He found Iron Pillar very mesmerizing. What they called is Haft Tush (seven Metals).
He mentions that IDOLS were placed on pavement of Masjid (now Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque) such that everyone who enters masjid steps on these idols.
Masjid was built by converting Hindu temples

For first time I come across word SLAVE. #IbnBatuta had a slave boy who ran from him. There are several mentions of #Slaves in his travel #history. The slaves were treated as commodity ?
Is slavery introduced by invaders?

As mentioned by #Ibn for his visit to Konark, #Hindus have a law to slaughter anyone in same way as he kills a #COW alternatively, he was put in COW’s skin and burnt.

He noted Bengal was cheaper than anywhere in the world.
Girls were SLAVED and sold for as low as 1 Dirham. Fakr Ad-Din was the Sultan at that point in time.

During his tour to Indonesia, he notes that the Sultan was an INFIDEL and offered unexpected hospitality. The king was so humble that he offered Ibn a mat to sit while he himself sat on bare floor
People loved their King so much that they would die 4 him w/o 2nd thought

He was mesmerized by the looks of Vietnamese (Tawalisi). The people worshiped IDOLS, Woman were brave archers. Vietnamese were enemies of China as per his accord.
He introduced himself as traveler from India (Pepper country).
So much was he impressed with India already 🙏

China Visit:
Chinese were INFIDELS like #Hindus and they ate DOGS and PIG flesh. Their main export was Chinese Porcelain pottery at lower rate.
Chinese used Paper currency signed by the ruler unlike coins in other countries.

#China visit by IBN contd.
Musl!ms normally stayed in separate dwellings or quarters. #chinese use to sell their Son and Daughters as #slave without any disgrace.

Returning from China he visited Kawlam (Malabar) and didn;t returned to Delhi for ‘fear’ known to him.
He continued his journey westwards thereafter.
One of very interesting mention about EGYPT.

The property inheritance was from mother’s brother in EGYPT (like in Malabar). The woman didn’t use VEIL from Man.
Egyptians had open culture. Woman and Man had no restriction on friendship of either sex.

#Ibnbatuta was an avid traveller, whose son was in mother’s womb when he start travelling. He came to know 20 years later that his son died 8 years earlier. He was not present when his mother died.
It was amazing & long 30 years journey by Moroccan #Ibnbatuta
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