Hindu or Sanatana Dharma a 5000+ year old civilisation

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#thread on article by #SoumyaDeb on @IndiaFactsOrg

He tried to defend well the words exonym #Hindu and oxymoron #Hinduism.

He cited historians #romilathapar @D_N_Jha #RobertEricFrykenberg


@Aloft_Incumbent once stated that the WORD ‘#Hindu‘ didn;t exist. To which I disagree.

Should she disagree with facts I provide, please reply.

Magathenese a #Greek traveller long back noted India as ‘#Indus‘ ~400 BCE.

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@Sanjay_Dixit @mamatarsinghImageImage3/n

India was known as country bounded by INDUS river, Himalaya & sea from 3 side.
FaXian 400 AD called India as Shintu, and Hindu is corrupted name of Chinese name IN-TU. (H+Indus)

#Hindu word existed even before another Abrahamic faith took birth.

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Around 3000 BCE when IVSC was peaking India was called by name MELUHA by Mesopotamian.

India was also called BHARAT (a bearer) which #IVC seals and later coins found from ancient Travancore era.

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@DoctorRicha_IND @davidfrawleyved @neerangautamImageImage5/n

Imagine #Hindus (Meluha), were ruling the world.
At its zenith, Indus were 5 Million 20x of messopotamia (0.3 Mil.).
Imagine GDP of India at that time. And you are searching existence of #Hindu, you need to read more

Practices 👇frm #Harappan period b4 3000BC is still carried by #Hindus with equal fervour

Pipal worship
Phallus (Linga) worship
Hawan Kund (fire altars)
And you say thr was no religion. 🤔
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@D_N_Jha you also borrowed theory from Abrahmic colonisers who has inherent problem with Brahamic Faith for both are just opposite in terms of their belief.

See how Britishers planned to target #hindus in 1813 AD in thread curated for u👇
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They hired few MOLES to attack on #cultural values of India.

Do you think they had right on questioning others when they themselves were red handed with Evils like WITCH Hunting and calling Woman either Prostitutes of Family woman.

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Britishers virtually kiIIed the Indian cultural systems
Few in below threads

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Moghul Era warriors (you never knew)

Discrimination with converts

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#RobertEricFrykenberg you interpreted Indian #VEDIC System incorrectly.

~4th century BCE When #Plato was struggling to define democratic system, India already had Panchayat system in India with Monarch at top.Image11/n
#Hindus were not created by #Mughals ( please read thread above)
In fact #Hindus M
arathas decimated #Mughals by 1730

Please revise your notes Robert!12/n
~302-288 BCE Megathenese categorise Indians into Philosophers (Brahamins, Sharmanas, Kalamanas), Husabandmen, Shepherds, Military, Spies,Councellers.

Do you find any ‘CASTE’ system above.
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Already explained by @VedicWisdom1 how #Vedic categorisation was based on MERIT not BIRTH?
Kindly note and raise question if you don;t understand #Sanskrit. We have experts @Vyasonmukh @AstroAmigo to #help.

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Do you think #Brahamins were contributing 32% GDP of the world before invasion?
The Moghuls and Britishers virtually decimated with heavy taxes on Shudra, Vaishya and India dropped to 4% in 1950.
Think again!!
#Hindu#Hindutva#hinduism word are definition of convenience given by Abrahamic faith trying to impose their supermacy to all pervasive, eternal, never ending #VEDIC belief. Their may be other name given for Hindu in ages to come as has been in past but it is VEDIC faithImage


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