Improper Digestion | Cause of Ailment

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Improper Digestion | Cause of Ailment

Improper Digestion is causr ofbof almost all the ailments. The root cause is improper intake of water.  It is well established fact as per Ayurveda that most of the ailments to human are caused by change in ratio of Vata, Pitta, Cuf (वात, पित्त, कफ) in human body.  These three elements are basic drivers of our health.  This ratio is automatically maintained by our body according to the season and age, unless we ourselves disturb it.

Vata (वात गैस), पित्त, कफ what does they do and what does they control is explained below:

  • Worsening of Phelgm (कफ) causes all the diseases that occur from head to chest
  • Imbalanced Acid or Bile (पित्त) drives all the diseases from the middle of the chest to the end of the abdomen and waist
  • Irregularity in Vata (वात गैस) will cause the diseases that occur from the waist to the end of the knee and legs

There are three vata, pitta and kapha nadis in the wrist of our hands. There are such pulse experts in India who by holding our pulse can tell us what we ate a week ago, a day ago.  There are very few such people nowadays!

Kapha and bile are almost the same! In common language, the mucus emitted from the nose is called phlegm. The cuff is slightly thick and sticky! The mucus coming out of the mouth is called bile! It is less viscous and liquid like !! And the air  coming out of the body is called Vata !! It is invisible!

Many times, there is a headache due to the formation of gas in the stomach, then we will not call it a disease of phlegm, it will be called gall disease !! Because the bile deteriorates causing gas and headaches! This knowledge is very deep, so remember this much that all diseases come due to the deterioration of this vata-pitta and phlegm.

And all three grow in different ways with the age of man! Kapha diseases are more by the time the child is born by the age of 14! There will be cough, cold, sneezing, etc. From 14 years to 60 years, bile diseases are the most frequent, stomach ache, gas formation,  belching etc. !! And after that, Vata diseases are most common in old age, knee pain, joint pain etc.

There was a sage in India 3 thousand years ago, his name was Vagbatta! He wrote a book called Ashtanga Hridayam !! Those sages lived till the age of 135 years!

In the Ashtanga heart, Vagbattji says that in life, keeping Vata, Pitta and Kapha balanced is the best art and skill is all your life effort, you have to do the same thing that our Vata, Pitta and Kapha should be regular, balanced and safe. As much Vatta as you want, as much Pitta as you want and as much phlegm as you want, what to do for as much Vatta, Pitta and Kapha as you want.  For that, he has written 7000 sutras in that book!

The most important and the first sutra in it is:

Dinante Vansham Vari भोजनान्ते विषमभारी (means drinking water immediately after eating food is equivalent to drinking poison.)

Sholka from Ayurveda also points out Drinking water before taking food gives rise to emaciation and disorders of weak digestive fire, drinking water in between the meal 

kindles digestion and so is best (for health), drinking after taking the meal produces obesity and increase of Kapha.


Now Lets understand what Vagbattji said !! Never drink water immediately after eating food !! 

99% of people are those who do not eat food without taking water. Water is first, food is later. Many people drink more water than they eat.

In such a situation, Vagbattji is talking about not drinking water only after eating food! What is the reason? Why not to drink ?? It is very important to know … Why should we not drink water and after eating food, what is the reason.

Reason why we should not Drink Water and before and after intake of Food.  

It is such that our body is the whole center of the body, our stomach. This whole body moves with the strength of the stomach and the stomach moves with the power of food. Whatever we eat is the strength of our stomach.

Whatever we eat such as rice, loaf, vegetables, pulses, we receive these things as food, it gives us energy and the stomach further transfers energy to rest of the body by absorbing through Small and Large intestines.

We eat anything, the stomach becomes the basis of energy for it. Now if we eat, everything goes in the stomach. There is a small place in the stomach which we call in Hindi, Amashya. The Sanskrit name of that place is Jathar . The same place is called in English epigastrium. jathar

It is like a plate and this gastric is the most important in our body because it is the first food that comes in it. It is very small with capacity of 350 gms. Whatever we eat it arrives in stomach first.

As soon as food reaches the stomach, the fire (जठर) burns in stomach immediately. It is also called Jathragni (जठर अग्नि). Jatharagni It is like fire of kitchen gas. It helps cooking food for our body. It is automatic process, as soon as we put the first piece of bread in our mouth the ‘cooking’ process starts. The fire burns till the food is digested. 

Its like preparing Kheer by putting milk and rice into an utensil (stomach) and burning fire (Jathar), kheer will be made till the fire burns. What if we pour water on the Gas midway.  The Kheer will be half cooked or rather it will be spoiled .

Similarly, if we drink water while eating, the fire (jathar) will be extinguised.  By drinking water we thwart natural process of Digestion. Instead we fueled the process of Fermentation

According to Ayurveda, if a fire burns, then food will be digested, it will be cooked, its juice will be made. The same juice will produce meat, marrow, blood, semen, bones, feces, urine and stool (feces). We absorb all except stool and urine which we excrete.   This completes the Digestion process.  

However, If you drink water immediately after eating the food, the food will not digest and the same food will rotten again, and after rotting it will become poison.

The first poison that is formed when food is rotting is uric acid. It leads to immobility, hardening of joints, artheritis etc.  Second poison is LDL (Low Density lipoprotive).  Even more dangerous is the third poison called VLDL (Very Low Density lipoprotive). It is also the same toxin as cholesterol. If VLDL has increased too much, God cannot save you. Fourth form of poison is Triglycerides .

None of these poisons (LDL, Uric Acid, Triglycerides) are produced when food is digested properly. What is produced when food is digested is meat, marrow, blood, semen, bones, feces, urine, bone.  Contrary to it, is production of Uric acid, cholesterol, LDL-VLDL, if food is not digested properly. And this is what makes your body the home of diseases!

These poisons, produced in stomach, gets accumulated when it comes to the blood! The garbage keep piling up till the moment it blocks the pulse which we call a heart attack, accumulation of uric acids in joint for joint problems!

So in life, we have to pay attention to the fact that whatever we eat should be digested properly in the body and the food should be cooked properly for this, the fire should be properly lit in the stomach. 

The point of importance is to digest food, not to eat. What you have eaten, how much you have eaten is not important, 

Eating 100, 200 Gms is not important. It is better eating 100 gms and digesting 100 gms rather than eating 200 gms and wasting 100 gms !! If food is not digested, poison is being produced in the body! And this is the reason for almost all type of diseases. < /p>

So for the food to be cooked well, Vagbhatt ji gave the formula !!

Bhojnante Visham Vari भोजनान्ते विषमभारी (meaning drinking water immediately after eating food is equivalent to drinking poison) So never drink water immediately after eating!

We don’t drink for 1 hour and 48 minutes after food intake.  And there is science behind it.  When we eat food, process of food to paste takes 1 hour and 48 minutes. After that the gastrointestinal tract decreases! (Not extinguished but slows down)

Only when the paste is formed, the process of making juice starts in the body. This is the right time to drink as much water as you want.  The right paste together with water will then flow to the body in right form.

Those who are very hard working people (farmers plowing field, rickshaw pullers and stone breakers) may drink water after 1 hour of food intake.

We should also not intake water before 45 minutes of food intake because Water to Urine takes around 45 minutes.  During this time, water goes to every part of the body. And after 45 minutes the urine is produced!  So we should have water 45 minutes before having our food!

Can we drink water while eating ? Ayurveda recommends sipping of water in while eating (not gulping) Also the rasa( taste) which comes in contact first is the taste which is appreciated the best by the tongue, hence it should be cleansed occasionally while eating by sipping water.

(PS:Water should be taken only in sips, not too much in between the meals.)


We have to make Food intake a ritual. No water before 45 minutes and after 1 Hour and 45 minutes.

And there is a biological reason for our body to behave this way.  Imaging we were to live in olden times when river was only source of water.  Fruits would grow at a distance from river.  Naturally, we would have to walk quite a distance to drink water and this would take time.  The nature maintained this time gap naturally.  We human stored and mixed everything and results are before us.  Let us strive for a healthy life natural way. 

Wish you a happy and healthy life !

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