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Improper Digestion | Cause of Ailment


Most of the ailments are caused by change in ratio of Vata, Pitta, Cuf in human body. Improper Water intake alongwith food is one of the major cause to wreck havoc on our immune system causing ailment

Life Measurement – Years? or Breathes?

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By limiting oxygen consumption we can actually live stronger, healthier, radical free, youthful life till eternity.

An Earth letter to Humans!

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THINK while we take a break!! As #COVID__19 is to Human; Human are to NatureThink of Nature was to find vaccine for itself of infestation by us ‘The Human Being’. EARTH letter to Human👇 With 8 Billion, and still counting, you have caused severe damage to me. #Deforestation has been major cause of disturbing my other family members…