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Aabhas India Modern India

A thread by Aabhas Malhadiyar on Antänio Måinø

Hinduism vs Hindutva

Aabhas India Modern India

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam @ShashiTharoor ji. Saw this fake table shared by @anubhavsinha & you.I chose to respond to you than former for I don’t like talking to bullies. I have discussed myths abt “Hindutva & Hinduism” in my book #ModiAgain :An Ex-Communist’s Manifesto” too. (Pg 96-99)Shashi Tharoor✔@ShashiTharoor An interesting, though incomplete, comparative table doing the rounds. #HinduismVsHindutva 13.7K9:13…


Aabhas India Modern India

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @waglenikhil ji. I’m sorry to say but you are spreading fake information about #Savarkar ‘s “Six Golden Pages” & also exposing ur flawed vocabulary skills. Read this string & respond(bt not b4 n/n)or else apologise for fakery. @Shubhrasthanikhil wagle✔@waglenikhil The most poisonous book written by Savarkar is ‘Six Golden Pages’( Saha…

Vande mataram & Jai Hind

Aabhas India Modern India

Relevance of Vandematram and Jai Hind explained by Aabhas Malhadiyar

Politicians decisions influenced by astrology

Aabhas India Modern India

Whether astrology affects our politicians decisions-critical analysis by Aabhas Malhadiyar

Sahadah and Ashok Chakra

Aabhas Golden Era India Modern India

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar n Thread #Khilafat2 observations:What does replacement of Aśoka Chakra with šahādah signify? Trust my words: it signifies a step towards Ghazwa-e-Hind. I’ll explain how in this thread. It’s important, pl RT max.Times Fact Check✔@timesfactcheck FACT CHECK: Anti CAA/NRC protesters in Hyderabad carried a distorted Indian flag that had Islamic Shahada ‘la ilaha illallah’…

Two nation theory by Savarkar-a LIE

Aabhas Modern India

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within u @SitaramYechury sir from an ex-Marxist! Savarkar didn’t even use term”two nation”in his Calcutta address of 1939. Perhaps someone passed you wrong WhatsApp. Read this thread where I put excerpts of his speech. Refute should u hv substance.Sitaram Yechury✔@SitaramYechury Savarkar forwarded the disastrous two-nation theory in December 1939…

CAA-Polity or Humanity ?

India Modern India Political

India’s Citizenship law and it’s confluence with CAA explained.

COVID-19 | Challenges and Opportunities for India !

Economics India Modern India Political world

Corona-virus has brought down wheels of economies.
Its an opportunity-Critical analysis !

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