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First ever recorded Vishnu’s foreign worshipper was a greek from BCE 100

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1/ Vedic Principles have been attracting foreigners for thousands of years. 1st such recorded convert to #Hindu #Dharma was Heliodorus a greek ambassador of Antiakalidas to King Bhagabhadra who came India in 113 BCE. 2/ Impressed by Vedic Principles, Heliodorus erected a Garuda-column of Vishnu now locally called “Khamb Baba” The column was built more than 100 years…

Hindu Temples

Hindu Temples

List of ancient and magnificent temples situated in all four directions of united India. If you want to have a spiritual experience, then definitely read. The following list has been created with the help of various people. It is still in the stage of compilation, try to complete it as soon as possible, you can go to the temples of different areas by clicking on the menu above and go directly to that area.