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Solar – New Sustainable International Energy


Energy in various forms has been keeping entire Universe in motion. various names are given as mechanical, Kinetic, renewable energy, potential energy, wind, nuclear energy. All types of energy has drawn their present condition from Sun in one form or the other. Fossil fuel, Crude oil etc. Except for all renewable energy source, all energy…

Cow – As an Economic Partner!

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Cow is believed to have emerged from ‘Samudramanthan’. She is revered as a Godess by Hindus since Vedic Era because only ‘gives’ since birth to her death. She can help alleviate #Rural Poverty! A Cow can continue to give us 2-4 KG #BIOGAS per day and can run a rurul kitchen for 10 days. Its urine can…

COVID-19 | Challenges and Opportunities for India !

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Corona-virus has brought down wheels of economies.
Its an opportunity-Critical analysis !

List of PSUs

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There are 181 scheduled CPSEs, i.e. 64 Schedule ‘A’, 68 Schedule ‘B’, 45 Schedule ‘C’ and 4 Schedule ‘D’ CPSEs

Evolution of USD as forex

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Evolution of USD as forex What is Foreign Exchange? There are several accepted Global/Reserve currencies viz USD, GBP, YEN, EURO etc. A country needs currency to settle Import/exports of goods and services and grants and subsidies in various forms.  Besides countries keep Gold, SDR, Sovereign Debts, Treasury bills.  Countries keep Foreign exchange in their vault…

India is 3rd in terms of GDP at PPP

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BJP leaders must stop saying publicly that India’s GDP sixth largest in the world. … India’s GDP third largest today