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Legend of Mahabali. Historical search

Onam festival is round the corner. People from Kerala round the globe awaits the arrival of their mythical king Mahabali, to his erstwhile kingdom of

Keeladi: Indus valley of the south

In 1939,  K N Dixit who was the director general of the Archaeological survey of India (ASI) professed that, couch shells which were extensively used

CIVILISING or conversion during colonisation period

#Thread excerpts from 1811 English writer Richard HeyHow #britishers plan to ‘CIVILIZE’ ‘Uncivilized-Indians’ 🤯I wrote this thread for my own knowledge you may read on and see #conversion is old

Must read by youngsters

Modern India

Hinduism vs Hindutva

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam @ShashiTharoor ji. Saw this fake table shared by @anubhavsinha & you.I chose to respond to you than former


A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @waglenikhil ji. I’m sorry to say but you are spreading fake information about #Savarkar ‘s

Sahadah and Ashok Chakra

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar n Thread #Khilafat2 observations:What does replacement of Aśoka Chakra with šahādah signify? Trust my words: it signifies a

Two nation theory by Savarkar-a LIE

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within u @SitaramYechury sir from an ex-Marxist! Savarkar didn’t even use term”two nation”in his


Golden Era

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Cow – As an Economic Partner!

Cow is believed to have emerged from ‘Samudramanthan’. She is revered as a Godess by Hindus since Vedic Era because only ‘gives’ since birth to

List of PSUs

There are 181 scheduled CPSEs, i.e. 64 Schedule ‘A’, 68 Schedule ‘B’, 45 Schedule ‘C’ and 4 Schedule ‘D’ CPSEs

Evolution of USD as forex

Evolution of USD as forex What is Foreign Exchange? There are several accepted Global/Reserve currencies viz USD, GBP, YEN, EURO etc. A country needs currency

New Evidences

Aabhas Maldahiyar debunking mythologies

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